Krátký den is an orienteering relay race. The idea is based on 10mila & Jukola.

What awaits you in January 2024

A new map in terrain where orienteering has never been run before. Made by verified mapmaker Zdenek Rajnošek.

The area of the race is adjacent to the area of the 2024 Czech Relay/Teams Championship. Come and taste this terrain so you can better prepare for next year.

The course will be prepared by Standa Mokrý, the setter of the final of the 2023 Czech Championship on the long course. Look forward to even more controls and more experiences from the forest.

Warm facilities with showers, food and traditional homemade cakes awaits you at sports center Želva.

There is a prize money for the winners and some other prizes from our partners.

Put on your team colors, prepare your headlamp and fight for your club until nightfall.

Basic info

Date: Saturday 13.01.2024

Place: Dubňany - Sports hall Želva, 48.9109N, 17.0988E

Organizer: SK Brno Žabovřesky, orienteering club (ZBM)

Type of race: Day and night team relay race with fixed control order.

Prize money – Adults:

    1. place: 3 000 CZK
    1. place: 2 000 CZK
    1. place: 1 000 CZK


  • All entries must be done only through electronic system ORIS until December 20, 2023 23:59.
  • Late entries will be accepted until January 06, 2024 23:59 with a 50% extra cost.

Name entries::

Have to be entered in ORIS system latest January 13, 2024 8:00.


Competition system


  • Adults
  • Youth
    • H/D16 - boys/girls born till 2008
    • H/D14 - boys/girls born till 2010
    • H/D12 - boys/girls born till 2012
    • Where “D” means women, “H” - men; men’s leg can be run by a women.


  • Youth 12:30
  • Adults 13:00

Winning times:

  • Youth: 125 minutes
  • Adults: 330 minutes


It is a typical relay concept. There are seven legs.
The 2nd, 3rd and the last leg (7th) must be run by women. The 1st and 3rd leg is technically easier (level of H/D18). We recommend you to engage youth. Masters are welcome too. Last three legs will be run during the night. Depending on the weather and your speed, we recommend having a headlamp prepared also for the 4th leg.

Course lengths – adults:

Leg Class Length (minutes) Expected change-over time When Length (km) Elevation (m)
1 H 35 13:35 day
2 D 55 14:30 day
3 D 30 15:00 day
4 H 55 15:55 day / dusk
5 H 70 17:05 dusk / night
6 H 45 17:50 night
7 D 40 18:30 nigth


Relay team consist of five legs.
There is a possibility to send two athletes on same leg (2nd, 3rd and 4th). The faster runner of this pair hands over to the next runner in the team. If the faster runner miss punches, the time of the slower runner of the pair is being counted in the overall relay team result (the overall relay time will be calculated after the race). In the unlikely situation of both runners miss punching, the team is disqualified.

Course lengths – youth:

Leg Class Length (minutes) Expected change-over time When Length (km) Elevation (m)
1 D16 25 12:55 day
2 2×H14 25 13:20 day
3 2×DH12 20 13:40 day
4 2×D14 25 14:05 day
5 H16 30 14:30 day

Race area, map and terrain


Zlodějská alej, 1:10 000, E=2,5m, ISSOM 2017-2, made in 2023-12, main mapper Zdeněk Rajnošek. Maps will be waterproof.


Typical „Vracov“ terrain, rich in terrain details (dunes), visibility and runability varies from very good to moderate, there are vegetation details as well as some marshes in case of rainy weather.

Competition area:


Other info


The SPORTident punching and timing system will be used. Touch free mode (Air+) will be activated additionally to classic SPORTident punching. The SIAC card needs to be within 50 cm of the unit for it to be registered. Last leg runner has to punch the finish unit manually (=the SI card must be placed into the finish unit).

In the unlikely situation of SIAC failing to register in touch free mode, the competitor must punch manually by placing the SIAC chip into the SPORTident unit. In the unlikely situation of an SI unit failing to respond with direct punch (neither a feedback sound nor a light signal), the competitor must punch manually on the map using the pin-punch on the control stand.

If you’ll have to pin-punched any controls on your map, you must hand your map to the finish director at the finish area and report which control was pin-punched.

The same SPORTident can not be used twice during one race.

Organising team:

  • race director: Jan Drábek
  • event controller: Jan Zháňal
  • course setter: Standa Mokrý

Entry fees:

Youth: 1 400 CZK Adults: 2 000 CZK

All payments have to be sent until January 10, 2024 to the organizer’s bank account.

Payment information:

  • Account owner: Sportovní klub Brno - Žabovřesky z.s.
  • Address: Horákova 3080/7, Brno, 61600, Czech Republic
  • IBAN: CZ6855000000004067843369
  • Bank code: 5500
  • Bank: Raiffeisenbank a.s., Prague, Czech republic
  • Reason of payment: “Full name + Subscription code – Entry fee team race 2023”
  • All bank fees must be paid/covered by the sender.

It is possible to rent a classic SPORTident (not the Air+) for a fee of 50 CZK. Upon losing the SPORTident, a fee of 800 CZK will be charged. It is not possible to pay in cash.

Prezentace: Na místě budou pouze vydávány startovní čísla.

Complaints and protests:

Protest must be handed over in a written form to the race director himself. The protest fee is 500 CZK. Complaints against starting lists or results can be sent to

Child care service: Will not be established.

Parking: Will be organized. Please follow the parking staff instructions.


All participants start at their own risk. Every participant in the race is obliged to comply with the currently valid government regulations related to the coronavirus pandemic. More detailed information on the current pandemic measures will be in the final bulletin.


By registering for this race, the participant acknowledges that the organizer is entitled to the necessary extent to publish his/her personal data in a valid ČSOS format, in the form of application, start list and results on the race website and in the ORIS information system. Competitors running with a GPS unit acknowledge that the route of their movement during the race will be recorded. During the event, photographs and videos will be taken to inform the public about the race, billing subsidies for the event, etc. in accordance with § 89 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code. During the race, photos can be taken for the personal needs of the competitors (as a reminder of the race, to promote the orientering club). If you do not wish to be photographed, please notify the photographer explicitly.


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